Athletic Overdrive

Coach Valenti has trained many athletes using the Athletic Overdrive principle, and now three former athletes have come back to create a force in developing talent in youth, high school, and college sports. Jeff Seidel, Frank Valente, and Chris Onorato are former Overdrive-trained athletes who achieved success in their respective sports through this method. Now as Coach Valenti’s collegues, they work as an experienced team looking to bring the best out of all the athletes that are committed to getting to the next level.

Sport In-Season

The unique training for the individual to keep peak strength and avoid injury:

  • Stretching
  • Band and body movements
  • Form enhanced speed drills

Specialty Training

FOOTBALL: Running backs AOD; Offensive linemen AOD; Defensive linemen AOD;
Middle Line Backers AOD

WRESTLING: Mixed circuit training and grip strength for all weights; Upper weights (balance and explosive training); Lower/middle weights (quick reflex and speed/agility training)

TRACK& FIELD: Shot putters; Disc throwers; Jumpers; Sprinters

BASEBALL: Hitting instruction; Strength and Conditioning

Team Training

AOD will work with the team’s coaches to put together the best program that fits the needs of developmental skills to achieve team unity, as well as team and individual success.

Youth Speed and Agility

Introduces children aged 7-10 years old to the concepts of speed, footwork, and balance.

Sessions include:
- Proper dynamic stretching
- Explosive movements
- Fundamentals of running

Our trained Sports-Specific Trainers will prepare young athletes for a wide-range of sports, including:
- Football
- Soccer
- Wrestling
- Basketball
- Track